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Monday, February 21, 2005

Where is the Truth hidden?

Sometimes the Truth is not in the closet or any secret place. Sometimes the Truth is "hidden" in a plain sight - just staying before us, waiting to be seen. But to be able to see it we would have had an eyes to see. And I can assure you, this usually is the most difficult "exercise" for us, because we probably forgot the mastery of seeing. We're flowing blind and complacent in our illusory world - the World as taught to perceive it by our programs, our social and family imprinting, our hidden masters...

Yesterday, late evening, I was browsing the usual places on the net I'm searching for a new information and insight in my history research. And I found this article - The True Identity of Fulcanelli, The Four Elements and The Da Vinci Code, written by Laura Knight-Jadczyk. You know, I usually publish excerpts from the quoted articles. This time I leave for you to read the full article. It's worth, trust me.

And please, don't search for the sensational revelations - they exist for sure, but in my opinion this is not the article's intent. Please read and try to engage your mind in the process. Make a sincere attempt to open your eye, to train your sight, to lift slightly the veil of our illusory life. Pleas try to SEE.

And probably at the end of the article you will form a kind of concept - where is possibly the Truth hidden.


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