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Do you searched your closet soon? There are many covered with dust books, antiques, scrolls. Let's open them. Let's see what we can find.

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Monday, February 21, 2005

Where is the Truth hidden?

Sometimes the Truth is not in the closet or any secret place. Sometimes the Truth is "hidden" in a plain sight - just staying before us, waiting to be seen. But to be able to see it we would have had an eyes to see. And I can assure you, this usually is the most difficult "exercise" for us, because we probably forgot the mastery of seeing. We're flowing blind and complacent in our illusory world - the World as taught to perceive it by our programs, our social and family imprinting, our hidden masters...

Yesterday, late evening, I was browsing the usual places on the net I'm searching for a new information and insight in my history research. And I found this article - The True Identity of Fulcanelli, The Four Elements and The Da Vinci Code, written by Laura Knight-Jadczyk. You know, I usually publish excerpts from the quoted articles. This time I leave for you to read the full article. It's worth, trust me.

And please, don't search for the sensational revelations - they exist for sure, but in my opinion this is not the article's intent. Please read and try to engage your mind in the process. Make a sincere attempt to open your eye, to train your sight, to lift slightly the veil of our illusory life. Pleas try to SEE.

And probably at the end of the article you will form a kind of concept - where is possibly the Truth hidden.

Friday, February 18, 2005

The Gold Wreath Mystery

Year 2004 was a busy one for Bulgarian archaeologists. I'll share with you some events that caught my attention in the late Summer and Autumn of 2004. The archaeological expedition TEMP dug into some mounds in the so called Valley of the (Thracian) Kings. As far as what I intend to write will be as some kind of log it will split probably in several separate articles.

Well, after a short report in a mid of July that a new tomb with the bones of a Thracian leader has been uncovered, a new August discovery became a news sensation:

Bulgarian archaeologists have unearthed a 2,500-year-old gold mask believed to image the face of an ancient Thracian king.

The gold mask is believed to depict King Seutus III, a 5th century BC leader of the Thracians, the dispersed tribes who once lived in parts of what is now modern-day Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Turkey and Greece.

According to Georgi Kitov the mask "has no comparison in the world" and it can prove even more significant discovery than the mask of King Agamemnon, the Greek hero described by Homer in the Iliad. It's one of the most famous images of Greek antiquity, and the centerpiece of the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.

The Mask of Agamemnon, a centerpiece exhibit in the National Archeological Museum in Athens, was made of gold foil and weighs only 60 grams, while the Thracian royal mask weighs 690 grams and is of solid gold.

Beautiful, isn't it? It seemed that the good news finished at this very point. Let me quote from the second article:

It was sheer chance of luck that the mask was unearthed by Kitov's team as local treasure hunters have proved to be real competitors to the archaeologists, digging and plundering mounds and suspected treasure forays in hunt of ancient artifacts.

Just a night after the news of the mask's discovery rocked the world, the site of the excavations was savagely attacked and many of the equipment were ruined. It came once again to alarm about the threat of drainage of Bulgaria's ancient treasures abroad because of the scarce finances and poor security guard over historic sites waiting to be excavated and researched.

But this is another story, worth for a site like Balkan Signs, as many other alternative news sites, which every day try to see the reality we live in, as it is...

Anyway, the Summer of 2004 already passed, when other discoveries entered the picture. But they will be told about next time. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Thief in the Darkness

Those of you, who are visiting regularly my blog probably noticed my three weeks long silence. Sorry, while digging in the closet for the next topic, I encountered a major blockage. Really, I was horrified a big deal, and several days I was unable to comprehend what to do next. Let me explain shortly.

What if...

Yes, what if while digging in your dusty history closet, somebody enters your home. You are leaving the closet, exclaiming "Eureka !!!", wanting to share with everybody the "deep" truths you just discovered... And voila, you see this somebody before you. Your smile freezes, your sawing the air arms freeze too, your whole body freezes. You are speechless not by fear, but because of the real astonishment. You are already a victim...

Who is this somebody? If he is a friendly one, he wouldn't enter your home without invitation. So he is most probably some unfriendly one - a thief if you have a little bit chance, or worse - even a murderer if this day was marked with a bad luck sign.

You probably already see the horror I suddenly encountered. Because this "What if..." is not a speculation. It is a reality. It is our "reality"! There is a thief in the darkness! And he steals our minds, our will, our freedom, our life... Are we so dumb to don't see this? Not really dumb, but blind, because the Thief looted our sight too...

So my dear blog friends, I decided from time to time to have a look outside the closet. I decided to begin to follow the Signs of the Times, as they manifest before us. I decided, it's worth to cure my blindness. I'll continue my history closet studies, but you will see more from the real life as it is. Something more - I began a new blog about the Signs of our reality - Balkan Signs. Let us meet again there too.

I'd like to dedicate this little "discovery" to one special person - Laura Knight-Jadczyk. Being in her own words an "amateur historian", she made for my "historian" sight more than the pile of the history books read by me till today.

See you soon and keep the real sight.