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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Who are the Thracians?

One of the secrets from the nearby Balkans' closet are so called "Thracians". Why so called? Because the people living in this region millennia ago were known as Thracians by their Greek neighbors and by their Roman conquerors. Anyway, they themselves used their tribe names - Odrysai, Bessi, Moesi, to name some...

And if we have to trust the Greek or Roman sources, it seems Thracians were wild, illiterate, skilled in wars Barbarians. It seems also, that the treasures being unearthed regularly in this area, point to something different.

Let's take the recent news. Two Bulgarian sources presented a new discovery. Novinite told:

The Eastern Rhodopes revealed an old-times funeral site obviously pertaining to an ancient Crete-Micenae cult dating 3,500 years ago.


The artifacts from the late bronze epoch were found in the nearby Samara cave.

The find's pertainence to the epoch of legendary Mycenae derives from the found labris (short two-face ritual axe, characteristic of that civilization) and a silver amulet of the cult to Mother Earth, as well as pieces of surgery utensils.

We can find something more about this "Mother Earth cult". From Standart News:

A Thracian silver decoration, in the form of a female reproductive organ, was found in the Samara Cave, near Ribino village in the region of Krumovgrad town. The piece of jewelry supposedly belonged to the king-priest, buried 3,500 years ago, archeologist Nikolay Ovcharov reported. To him, the unique amulet bears out the then cult to the Goddess Mother. This is the first interment of a Thracian ruler in a cave, discovered in the territory of this country. The bronze Labyris (labyris - labris - labrus) is an ancient Minoan symbol that looks like a double-bladed axe and is also a unique find for this country. This was the scepter of the Thracian ruler.

OK, let me point out only that this Samara cave is located in the Rhodope mountain, not in Iraq or Russia. Last detail - the artifacts were found in a place 350 m under the ground level.

Hmmm, who were the Thracians?


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